What Do You Think About Adoption?

Myths and misunderstandings surround adoption. Women think someone whisks their child away immediately after birth, and they have no idea where they go or who raises them. That is one of the biggest myths.

Women choose adoption for many reasons. Maybe they are already raising other children, don’t live in a safe environment, or feel they’re too young or old to parent. Take a closer look at the option of placing your child for adoption.

What Are Some Adoption Myths?

Myth #1: I have no idea who raises my child

The truth is you choose who raises your child. Once you’ve decided to pursue adoption, you can review the bios of potential adoptive couples. You determine what’s important to you and find the perfect couple based on those desires.

Do you want your child raised in the city or on a farm? You choose. Do you want them to be the oldest or have other siblings? You get to decide.

Myth #2: I’ll Never Get To See My Child Again

If you choose an open or semi-open adoption plan, you can have contact with your child and their adoptive family. With an open adoption, you exchange identifying information with the couple, like full names, addresses, emails, etc.

A semi-open adoption also allows for contact, but a third party (such as an adoption agency or attorney) handles all communication.

Together, you and the adoptive couple arrange a Contact Agreement.

Myth #3: I Cannot Change My Mind

Every state offers a woman time after giving birth to change her mind before signing legal papers. In Missouri, a woman cannot release her child for adoption for at least 48 hours after birth.

Myth #4: Birth Mothers Always Regret Their Decision

There is no doubt about it: adoption is a hard decision. Working with an adoption agency that offers thorough adoption counseling is vitally important. You should know what to expect at every stage. Although adoption is emotionally difficult, getting connected with other birth mothers is critical.

Myth #5: My Child Will Hate Me Because They’re Adopted

Research finds that adopted children grow up to be as happy as their unadopted peers. Many have more experiences and opportunities than children in the general population. They have a safe and healthy home environment and usually a two-parent household.

If a birth mother chooses an open or semi-open adoption, she has the opportunity to explain to her child that she chose adoption out of love for them. She can also build a relationship with them as they grow.

Myth #6: It Costs Money to Place My Child For Adoption

It actually costs you nothing to make an adoption plan. Run if an agency or attorney asks you to pay for their services! They are not reputable.

In Missouri, all of your medical and legal expenses are automatically paid. In addition, it is possible to get payment for pregnancy-related costs such as rent, food, maternity clothes, and transportation to and from the doctor or hospital.

Can You Place My Child For Me?

Aspire Women’s Center is not affiliated with any adoption agency. We do not benefit from your decision to place your child for adoption. We can provide referrals to reputable adoption agencies. If you want to learn more about this option, schedule a free and confidential appointment. We’re here to help you.